Research Fields

Laser Matter Interactions

  • Interaction of Ultra short (from ps to sub7 fs), high intensity, laser pulses with matter
  • Ultrahigh Magnetic field generation experiments
  • Coherent X-ray sources – high Harmonics and Attosecond pulses generated by Carrier Envelope Phase stablized kHz laser pulses
  • Ultrafast laser generated GHz and THz ultrasounds and imaging
  • Particle acceleration

Fundamental HiPER Related Science

  • Laser target diagnostics
  • Laser probing plasma diagnostics
  • Electron and ion transport studies
  • Electron – proton & neutron acceleration

Laser Pulsed Power Generated Plasmas & Applications

Laser Plasma & Material Diagnostics

  • Solid – gas target combination
  • Dynamic ESPI and holographic interferometry
  • Laser ultrasonic imaging

Pulsed Power Generated Plasmas & Applications

  • X-Pinch devices development & study
  • Z-Pinch devices development & study
  • Plasma Focus devices development & study
Investigation of Laser Specifications for the Fundamental Science of HiPER

High Intensity Laser Plasma Interactions

  • High energy particle therapy
  • PIC code simulations
  • FEM code simulations
HiPER Target & Shield Requirements Simulations

Numerical Modeling & Simulations

  • FEM modeling of laser matter interactions
  • HD/MHD/CFD modeling of plasmas
  • Z-Pinch and X-Pinch modeling FEM – MHD
  • PIC particle accelerations
The Research Group of CPPL is the coordinator of the Fundamental Science Program of the International Project HiPER hiper  CPPL will be the Facilitator of the National Project HiPER-GR.
The Structure of the Hellenic Network
In the connection of the Hellenic Network with the HiPER Project, CPPL will have the coordinating position, as the facility that will play an important role in the evolution of HiPER. CPPL will be the main Facilitator for the strategical, research and training activities of the Network to the Central R.I. of HiPER. A presentation of Dr. Michael Tatarakis, took place at the Science Museum in London, on the 6th of October 2008. Scientisits, politicians and press gathered together at a prestigious event to mark the beginning of the three-year Preparatory Phase of the HiPER project.