Applications & Industry

CPPL provides knowledge applicable to Industry to the fields of:

  • X-ray & EUV Micro-Lithography and Micro-Machining
  • X-ray & Imaging
  • Thin Film Deposition and Processing
  • Pulsed Radiation Biology and Medicine
  • Ultrasound generation and imaging
  • Material Characterization
  • Inertial Laser Fusion
  • Fast Vibration analysis
  • Proton therapy
  • e-beam Lithography
  • Optoacoustic devices
dei The Hellenic Public Power Corporation PPC and Tropical Green Technologies are the most important R&D energy enterprises in Greece.
tropical The HiPER-GR Project coordinated by CPPL is the driving force for the knowledge transfer and technological exchange for Laser applications on power production by the help of Inertial Fusion.

 Collaborations & partnerships

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